A picture of a mature  Salvia Rockin Fuchsia and a salvia black and blue.

Salvias explained


I wanted to start with explaining what a perennial Salvia actually is. They are summer long flowering perennials that are loved by pollinators.  There are over 1000 different varieties and they are drought tolerant,  good as cut flowers and easy to take cuttings from. (I will be blogging about taking cuttings from salvias very soon) The salvia comes from the Latin to save. The Romans use to clean their teeth with it and believed it helped with fertility and was a sacred plant. Today the perennial salvia is an amazing plant to bring colour to your garden from the summer all the way up to Christmas with some varieties.  They grow well in pots and just require dead heading occasionally. Leaving the previous years growth until April and mulching well will protect them from any extreme winter weather.  The leaves are scented and will not be eaten by rabbits or deer as they don't like the taste. They are just a good all rounder and seem to fit into the modern garden being low maintenance,  long flowering and drought tolerant. They were worshipped by the ancients and now fit so well into our gardens in our modern day.